join the movementarrow_forward_ios Together We Can Change the World Our world is a beautiful place and it has sustained everything living on it for millions of years.

We are the working arm of a non profit carbon capture, wildlife conservation and reforestation project. Plantación Amazonia is an environmental corporation. We exist soley to provide the funding for our conservation, reforestation, sustainable farming and community development initiatives.  

Our priority is to keep the diversity of life on this planet safe from the threats of the ecological crisis we are facing, while empowering the indigenous community to become part of the new green economy in a job that is healthy, clean and a benefit to both the immediate and global community. 

You Don't Have to Make Huge Changes to Make a Huge Difference.

We take a crowd-sourcing, inclusive approach, to give you the ability to get involved at whatever level you want, and still have an impact in our fight to stop global warming and save our wildlife and forests.

Plantación Amazonia is growing a globally collaborative project that gives your contribution a disproportionately positive impact.

Carbon Capture for Carbon Credits for Your Sustainable Business Plan

We help you obtain your sustainability initiatives by doing all the planting for you. With over a million trees already planted we can make your business carbon neutral! 

Did You Know that one acre of forest absorbs 3 tons of CO2, and releases 2 tons of O?

How much of your carbon production do you want to offset?

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